Monday, December 22, 2008


it has been awhile
sorry everyone
i miss you all
i have been very busy
and i am sorry i havent posted
i forgot my password
so i had to do alot to remember it
so ya i will be on alot more now :]


Vickie said...

Well good to see you Miss Heather you pretty girl. Love your pics. Glad you remembered you pass word and I will bug you if you don't keep your word and post lol lol. Love you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

John said...

Yea, Heather posted. And, of course Vickie would be the first one to comment. She is soooooo good. See you soon!

Hannah said...

hey heather! you probably don't remember me..but i went to north pointe and i knew you there...i know josh and justin too...i hung out with cassie, celina, ariel, ana, those people. well, if you don't remember me, that's okay. :). bye!