Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hi Everyone

I miss you all so much
I am sorry i haven't been to Shiloh in a while
I go to Moon Valley Bible Church
I miss everyone so much
I have been so busy
I will try to blog more
-God Bless-


Brooke said...

hey you!!!! you haven't posted in ages. that's ok that i don't see you at church that often...but you should at least post! lol. i'm just kidding. well, i guess i will talk to you later. love ya lots and i miss you ssssoooooo much.

rAcHeL said...

hey!!!!!!!!!!! i miss u soooo much 2! im outta school now so we can totally go shopping whenev! put a pic of ur hair on ur blog!

Mr. Dreamer said...

we miss you too!